chord sholawat innal habib

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Sholawat is a form of praise and blessings for the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Muslims recite sholawat to show their love and respect for the Prophet. One of the popular sholawats is Inna lillahi sholawat. This sholawat is often played during religious events, such as weddings and funerals.

Chord Sholawat Inna lillahi

Here are the chord progression and lyrics for Inna lillahi sholawat:

GInna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un
CAllahumma ajirna fi musibatina
GWa khluf khairan minha
DWaj'alna fi musibatina sabiran wahtadina

How to Play Inna lillahi Sholawat on Guitar

Chord Progression

The chord progression for Inna lillahi sholawat is G-C-G-D. You can strum each chord for four beats.

Strumming Pattern

For the strumming pattern, you can use a simple down-up strumming. You can also add some variations, such as palm mutes and accentuated strums, to make the song more interesting.

Fingerpicking Pattern

If you prefer fingerpicking, you can use this pattern:

Thumb (T) - Index (I) - Middle (M) - Ring (R)

ChordFingerpicking Pattern


Inna lillahi sholawat is a beautiful and meaningful sholawat that can be played on guitar. You can use the chord progression and fingerpicking pattern provided in this article to play the song. May this sholawat bring blessings and peace to our hearts.


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